the hunger artist

i kno! idk. [Demo]

demo recorded produced and performed by travis moor in a basement in the hood.


am i on my time or on yours?
am i both divine and impure?
will we wash into the sea?
become air or just not be?

is this progress or decline?
am i just or am i blind?
blooming flower, sprouting leaf,
looming Saturn; thief.

i know i don’t know
i know you don’t know
you know i don’t know
you know you don’t know

is it always peace and war?
is it always rich and poor?
is there nothing left to say but,
“who am i to point the blame?”

should i get up on the cross?
should i lay down and just watch?
make a profit, start to preach,
believe in anything?

(repeat yourself)