i spend the majority of my days waiting for the sun to dip under the horizon so that i can board a motorized carriage with a group of strangers and reclaim my own wants and desires during the cold embrace of night. there are many, born under a more fortunate sun than i, for whom this is not an issue. for them, the sun rises and shines opportunity instead of servitude. i do not envy them . . . for fortune is cruel and operates under the fault of none. at this time it is only the happy and mediocre that i envy. their dull,Read More →

She opened up her eyes, and, for a moment, watched time fold in on itself. The man she lay next to no longer held her as tightly as he once did. She remembered the pure joy she felt when they first exchanged glances and secrets. She looked closely at him now. His experiences in the world of calendars and clocks had tightened his features. His youthful exuberance had faded. She thought of how he shambled through life wraith like. Her proud warrior had become one part of an engine used to dull passion and deny experience. She looked at him and she loved him. SheRead More →

There is nothing in space that experiences time as linear. The “past” is what “is” in the present moment. The “future” is what could be after each moment. Time is not a line. Time is a point, experienced subjectively, by all things.Read More →

Within each moment there exists a nearly infinite opportunity for each thing to exert its influence over each other thing. Most things are trained to be influenced by, and, exert influence based, on the Forms and Images of “Culture”. The social norms and bylaws of culture act as a software that programs the subconscious mind to react to various things in variously judgmental ways.Read More →

Beneath the culturally programmed foundation, inside the bright lights of the city, fueling the motors built for our vehicular carriages and mechanical birds, pumping every heart and pushing every breathe is unadulterated and unapologetic chaos. It swirls, spins, thrashes, and winds its way through every street and roadway, pushing every molecule through the arteries of our cities and plaza’s and wearing our temples down to ruin. The primary driving force of everything is chaos. It wraps around all and pushes all to organize and self-govern or become naught.Read More →