Steal This Track from The Hunger Artist


Josh Johnson | June 30, 2014

The Hunger Artist has a killer album. But for now, you’ll just have to trust us.

The Hunger Artist will not release music until it’s absolutely perfect, meaning there’s no released music. But we have a killer track to share.

Talk to Travis Moor about his music, and it soon becomes clear he is a complicated, conflicted artist. For one, the creative force behind the self-described “indie garbage” band The Hunger Artist is not actually named Travis Moor. He chose that pseudonym so he can use the trademark symbol as a name, just as the band is called Hunger Artist so the acronym is ha.

But names are just the start. Moor has been working on a nine-track album he can’t afford to bring to his perfectionist standards. Currently, it’s only available for private listen. Still, despite his reluctance to share his recorded music until it’s perfect, the Denver native is “tired of not being included in the music scene that birthed [him].” So, he has offered Steal This Track one song to share.

We’ve listened to the album, at least twice. And imperfections are hard to find. In the fact, the album is killer.

Moor’s songs are delightfully cynical, sometimes insecure indie rock with enough guitar hooks and rhythmic bounce to give them a pop-like infectiousness. This is not, however, pop by rigid definitions. Moor’s arrangements and production deny the classic verse-chorus-verse regularity of pure pop music, and he is just as likely to scream out an emotionally volatile expletive as he is to charm with a melodic jingle. The music is creative and accessible, cathartic and fun, complicated and simple. If and when it is released broadly, Moor should get the welcome from the Denver music scene he’s missing.